What is OptIn Platform?
OptIn is a platform that helps you manage your equity and Employee Share Option Schemes digitally and effortlessly, so you can attract and retain the best talent.
Why should I use OptIn's Platform?
OptIn Platform, provides you with the automated tool, in a fraction of a price and simplifies the whole process of Employee Share Options. In addition, it provides a bespoke educational material for your employees. So they can focus growing your business.
What is the Employee Share Option Schemes?
In simple terms, a company is sharing a small portion of its ownership among their talented people. You can reward any key person with equity in the company or all your employees.
What is the difference between the Shares and Share Options?
Ordinary shares (the typical shares of businesses that the owners and investors hold) is sharing the ownership directly with the recipients and giving them voting right.

Share Options allow recipients to buy a share later (in small batches or full packages after a vesting period) at a pre-approved price (exercise price).
How OptIn will help me build my bespoke Employee Share Option Scheme?
With our automated platform and 24/7 digital support from our expert team, we provide your business with the tools to simplify the complex process and make decisions much more effortless. We automate the creation of Employee Share Option Pools (ESOP) and support you to build a bespoke to your business ESOP, which will help drive your company growth. Also, our platform gives you visibility to the issued options and much more details in seconds.
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