Equity Management for Innovators

Unleash the power of your equity, add value to your investors, and attract and retain talent.

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The transparency and automation you need to easily manage your equity

Our Customers saved on average 80% of time and legal fees running equity by swithing to OptIn!


An intuitive and automated software to simplify your equity management.

Legal Documents
Move fast, stay compliant

Issue equity, share owenership and stay compliant, all in one place. Do it right in the first time.

Impress your Investors
Impress your Investors

Update investors, track metrics and take them along your growth journey.

Built to grow together

Equity Management
  • Digitalise and automate your equity
  • Keep your cap table live and give access to investors and partners
  • Create scenarios and fundraising models to make informed decisions
  • Manage convertible loans
  • Automate the valuations for your Share Issuance and Share Option Schemes
  • Automatically issue shares and share certificates
  • Bespoke Share Option Schemes
  • Keep and insprire your best talent with automated Employee Share Option Schemes
  • All that with unlimited support by our experts
Legal Documents
  • Automate your legal documents and resolutions
  • E-Sign them and automatically attach the documents to every transaction
  • Legal documents created from templates and eIDAS-compliant signatures
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With OptIn platform:

  • Exercise your Share Options
  • Issue new Shares, transfer Shares and keep your cap-table up to date
  • Access to individual bespoke dashboards for your shareholders, employees, investors
  • Communicate with your stakeholders through OptIn's platform and share the growth journey together

From idea to IPO with us!

OptIn supports innovation at every stage


Focus where it matters most, growing your business. Leave the equity management and compliance to us.


Human Resources

Engage your employees by sharing ownership and their own dashboard.

Finance Teams

Supersede excel and manual work, upgrade to OptIn's platform and scale with automated equity management.

Finance Teams

Lawyers/ Accountants

Simplify your clients equity, issue share options, keep the cap-table digitalised and clean and help you stay compliant.


Have access to your portfolio and with ease, and see live the cap-table of each of your companies.


Start Unleasing the power of your equity.

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Join our happy customers!

Moving from manual work to OptIn saved us dozens of hours, and we saved thousands of legal fees. With the support of their lovely team, now granting options is so easy.

Giorgos K.


Super fast support and always willing to help. OptIn provided all the relevant information and legal documents we needed in order to have our plan up and running in no time!

Katerina S.

Payroll Supervisor

With all the legals and the contract automated by the OptIn's platform, I feel confident about the validity of my option shares and I can focus contributing to my company's growth.

Filippos T.

Business Analyst
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