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Drawbacks of providing ESO schemes in Europe? OptIn has Solutions.

Yiannis Papadopoulos

Apr 16, 2022 15:48 am

We often hear why companies are not providing the benefit of sharing equity with their employees through Employee Share Option schemes.

The main reasons are:

Too complex to provide share options to employees

Too expensive to do that

Employees do not ask for it as they do not know what that is

OptIn  helps your business solve all the above pain points in the current climate in employee share options and revolutionise your business.

Complexity? Automation to simplify it

With our automated platform and 24/7 digital support from our expert team, we provide your business with the tools to simplify the complex process and make decisions much more effortless. We automate the creation of Employee Share Option Pools (ESOP) and support you to build a bespoke to your business ESOP, which will help drive your company growth. Also, our platform gives you visibility to the issued options and much more details in seconds.

We haven't stopped there; we have automated and digitised all the necessary documents (Directors/Shareholders resolutions, ESO contracts, Share Issuance Contracts etc.) and all the signatures collected from the relevant people electronically, giving back to your team and stakeholders the time to focus on growing your business.

All that while you maintain a digital Cap Table for your business, where you can mock fundraising and produce investment modelling scenarios and see how that will affect your equity in seconds.

Expensive fees

Secondly, we do that with a fraction of the current providers' cost. It is a simple, affordable, and a transparent monthly subscription fee to our software. You get all the templates (contracts, resolutions, certificates etc.) and automation our platform offers alongside the full support from our equity expert teams. We took the subscription and automation one step further; we provide an automated annual valuation (which is needed for the ESO) with full compliance with the Greek laws and regulations.

Awareness and education of Employee Share Options

Employees do want them, as 3 out of 4 in recent surveys conducted in 2021 said it will make a difference in their work motivation if they are granted stock options.

So lastly, we provide an individual dashboard for your stakeholders that they will find all the relevant contracts and information, as well as see the portfolio growing. They will also find a comprehensive series of educational videos explaining all the details of the share options and personalising their details.

Ready to start revolutionising your business by providing ESO schemes? Book a free consultation with our experts.